Top Three Pet Friendly Plants

Top Three Pet Friendly Plants

I love my plants as much as I love my dog but a vet bill makes a deeper dent in my bank account than replacing a plant. I’ve been lucky that while although my pup Max has expressed some curiosity in my plants, he’ll back away on his own. Regardless, I try to make my home as friendly for him as possible by keeping my toxic plants elevated and inaccessible to him. While I don’t have a plant nibbling dog or curtain climbing cat, I know there are people out there who do! You don’t have to choose between your plants and your pets. You CAN have it both. Here are my three favorite houseplants to add some pops of green into your home while keeping your pet safe.



Calatheas are such stunning plants but they sure do make you work for that foliage. I like to think of them as the bougie houseplants. What’s great about this species is that all of the varieties look so different! They sport some of the most unique leaves and movement. They tend to go to sleep (close up) when there’s less light around, typically at night. Light needs for calatheas range depending on your specific plant but generally they’ll need medium to bright indirect light. The trickiest thing about calatheas will be their humidity. Cluster them around other plants, invest in a humidifier, or place the plant of top of a pebble tray. Don’t forget to use room temp filtered water to avoid those chemical burns and brown edges.


Watermelon Peperomia

Another stunning plant that I’m guilty of owning and gifting often. Something about those watermelon leaves just makes me so happy! The watermelon peperomia will do best in an east or west facing window. When it comes to water it’s always best to underwater. This plant is notorious for easily rotting. Let your potting mixture dry out a bit in-between watering for extra precaution. The goal is to keep the mixture moist and never wet!


Spider Plants


As much as I love the plants mentioned above, they tend to be on the pricier side. So here’s a plant that won’t break your budget and that you probably already have! Spider Plants are such low maintenance and beginner friendly plants. What I probably love most about them is that they’re so rewarding to grow. As much as I love a new leaf growing in, a baby plant takes the crown for me! The mini plants you see at the stems can be cut off and rooted in a moist potting medium. Then you can gift the plant to someone else or keep it for yourself. Whenever you see that tips of the leave are turning brown it’s an indication to thoroughly flush the plant to rid it of excessive salt buildup. Simply trim the brown off and it’s like it never happened!

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